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Hello! I’m Martin

Calligrapher & Screenprinter 

Imagine being a computer programmer, sick of always looking at a screen. What do you do? Correct! You get creative and start doing calligraphy. Well, at least that’s true for me. Having everything written digitally makes me sad, so in order to fight this I’m offering my services, putting your texts and ideas to paper (and everything else you can write on).

I’m pursuing this craft since 2017 and never stopped striving for the most beautiful letterforms. To me, calligraphy is a passion, faszination object, and yoga with less streching.


I love writing with nib and ink on paper. Texts, wedding stationery, gift cards, live on events – the list goes on.

What’s even more exciting is when I leave this setting to write on glass, walls and even cars.

Sometimes, a text or motive is needed in a higher quantity (wedding invitations, t-shirts, etc) – therefore I offer screenprinting as well. Every single piece is handprinted by me.


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