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custom calligraphy

Live Events

Custom Screenprints

Need Custom Calligraphy?

I am open for all kinds of calligraphy work.

Wedding Stationary

The most classy use of calligraphy: To make your special day even more special! Save the date cards, invitations, envelopes and seating cards are just some examples.

Cards & Envelopes

A hand calligraphed letter (in a beautiful envelope) for a special event, birthday or penpal will put a big smile on its recipients face.


Imagine your favourite poem or meaningful words, calligraphed in a picture frame on your wall.

Fancy ideas

You have an idea, but paper isn’t the right medium? No paper – no problem! Approach me with your idea, the crazier, the better. I already wrote on wood, stone, walls and even a car!

Hire me for your event!

Live events

Bringing calligraphy to your customers. I will be on site at your flagship store, conference, or whereever you would like to provide your customers with that memorable experience.

Need Custom Screenprinting?

I also offer screenprinting services.

Design & print

The whole package: From your idea/text to the finished prints!

Print only

You need let’s say branded t-shirts with your own logo? I’m there for you too!

Print on what?

I print on paper and fabrics (t-shirts, hoodies, bags, etc.).


Don’t wait

Let’s make your ideas come true!